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How well are the 2018 Standards being met?

The 2018 Standards cover the range of care that can help people live well with HIV. They begin with HIV diagnosis and apply right through to end-of-life care. The 2018 Standards are very informative, and people living with HIV can expect to receive some or all of this whole range of care services during their lifetime. But sometimes, though, as in other parts of the healthcare system, these standards may not be met.

The UK-CAB would like to get some idea of how well these Standards are being met.

The UK-CAB is a network for people living with HIV who have a strong interest in HIV treatment and related issues, and who want to make sure people living with HIV are actively involved in all aspects of HIV treatment and care. This is called treatment advocacy. They would like to monitor and collate the experiences of people using HIV services against these standards. The questionnaire does not ask for your name or identifying details, nor which clinic you attend. Responses will be collected until the end of 2021. But neither BHIVA nor the UK-CAB will be able to help you directly with your specific issue.

Please answer the following questions, and tell us about your experience - good or bad - in relation to the 2018 Standards. If you have more than one experience that you want to share with us, please fill in a separate form for each experience.

There are 10 questions in this survey.
About your experience
How do you feel about your overall experience with regard to these Standards?
Did your overall experience follow the 2018 Standards?
Which Standard was involved?
Please tell us about your experience, in as much detail as you can. 
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